Pool Enclosures

Clermont Pool EnclosuresPool enclosures are very helpful in keeping leaves, bugs and other debris out of our pools in Lake County and the surrounding areas. When it comes to pool enclosures, aluminum is the framing material of choice. Why? Because even under the wettest conditions, aluminum will not rust, corrode or warp. It also requires little or no maintenance, leaving you free to enjoy your screen room. And because it’s strong yet lightweight, aluminum allows for greater design versatility, including the longer spans that pool enclosures require. SeaBreeze Aluminum constructs screen enclosure in different configurations such as Mansard, Gable, Dome, Hip and Flat. A heavy duty extruded aluminum gutter, known as a "Super Gutter", runs along the areas of the house that the roof attaches to. The main roof beams of the enclosure then attach to the super gutter.


Pool Enclosure Photo Gallery

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